Social Media Use

Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking websites create opportunities to form or maintain friendships. Users choose to disclose their identities and determine how they represent themselves to the public at large. Students are reminded that pictures and information posted on the internet via programs such as Facebook and Twitter are public information. Students must ask permission to use the Bellin College logos in any self-initiated communication on any social sites. Pictures and/or information from these sources that describe/document behavior that violates Bellin College policies or the code of conduct (on campus or at College-sponsored events) is subject to further investigation and verification by the College. Students are reminded of the importance of upholding the standards of confidentiality as they progress through community, lab/simulation, patient, and clinical experiences.

Regarding social media, the college will consider the safety of our students, the reputation of the students and programs, college values, student foundational behaviors, etc. If there is a misuse of social media, such as professionalism, bullying, substance abuse, illegal action, etc., the college has a right to investigate the concern. Any College policy violations that are documented because of such an investigation will result in appropriate disciplinary action by the College.

Student organizations are allowed to have social media accounts that represent their organization. However, for each social media account, a username and password must be on file within the student affairs office, and each student organization facilitator must also have access.

The usage of the Bellin College logo is not permitted on social media except for the official Bellin College social media accounts. If a student wants to make a non-related student organization account on behalf of Bellin College students, it needs to be a private account and must state it is not affiliated with the official Bellin College pages. All student organizations are responsible for their actions and posts.

If a student organization is looking for help in regards or creating a graphic or post, they can contact the Bellin College Marketing Department.

Any College policy violations that are documented will result in appropriate disciplinary action by the College through the appropriate conduct process.