Student Organizations

Bellin College prides itself in attracting highly engaged students that, through education and experience, develop into future leaders in the healthcare professions. Student organizations provide opportunities for students to engage with each other. The Campus Life Coordinator oversees all student organizations.

Student Organizations Guidelines

Activity and Fundraising 

Student organizations should consult their organizations facilitator(s) regarding activity and fundraising events. The “activity/fundraiser request” form will be approved by the Campus Life Coordinator. The form is available on the College website.

The form is available on the Bellin College Buzz at

The following standards apply to each organization:

  • Submit the request form two weeks prior to the event. The Campus Life Coordinator will notify the organization whether the event is approved.
  • Assistance with publicity and room availability will be provided as needed.


All student organizations are required to keep significant documents stored on the Bellin College Buzz. Significant documents are defined as but are not limited to: constitutions, bylaws, committee agendas, meeting minutes, proposals, fundraising request documents and annual reports. Organization bylaws are available on the Bellin College Buzz.

Student Organizations

Bellin College FitClub

The FitClub will facilitate physical activity and movement as part of a healthy lifestyle within the student body and community. We aim to provide fellow students with resources to learn about different fitness modalities and lifestyle integration. FitClub also strives to foster stress-relief and increased resiliency through peer-supported physical activity and discussion.

Bellin College Impact

Bellin College Impact l be to promote a stigma-free environment regarding mental health awareness and suicide prevention. This club is designed for college students who desire to better understand and advocate for suicide prevention and mental awareness while making suicide a talkable topic.

Bellin College InterVarsity (BCIV)

BCIV is a Christian-based group that focuses on learning how to incorporate spirituality into the care of patients; as well as continue to develop a personal relationship with God. The group is open to all Bellin students and faculty and meets weekly for bible study and monthly THRIVE meetings, featuring speakers on different spirituality topics. BCIV also supports the community through service opportunities.

Bellin Student Nurses Association (BSNA)

The Bellin Student Nurses Association (BSNA) is a pre-professional organization for Bellin student nurses. The organization participates in community service activities aimed at improving healthcare and educating the public. Collaborative relationships with nursing professionals and healthcare organizations are encouraged through membership. BSNA is a constituent of the Wisconsin Student Nurses Association (WSNA) at the state level and the National Student Nurses Association (NSNA) at the national level. The goal is to improve the nursing profession. Membership in BSNA is voluntary. Yearly dues are required for membership.

Beyond the Rainbow (LGBTQ)

This organization serves to promote acceptance of the LGBTQ community throughout Bellin College and in healthcare. It supports social-justice-based education, resources, programming, and encouragement for students across the spectrums of gender and sexuality. Beyond the Rainbow provides a safe space where members of the LGBTQ community and allies are free to express themselves in a non-­ judgmental environment. The organization empowers all to become agents of change in the healthcare field through service projects, campus events, and networking.

Kappa Pi of Sigma Theta Tau Nursing Honor Society

The Kappa Pi Chapter at Large of Sigma Theta Tau is a professional organization that evolved in order to foster an environment in which professional development, scholastic achievement and advancement of nursing is nurtured through research. Honor society membership is by invitation to nursing program juniors and seniors who meet the academic and leadership eligibility requirements, as well as community leaders in nursing and students pursuing a master's, Post-Graduate, or doctoral degree.

Student Governance Committee

The Student Governance Committee is comprised of student leaders from the Bellin College student organizations. The purpose of this committee is to provide a forum for student input regarding student life, student services and to make recommendations for change. The committee encourages student participation in College activities, facilitates student community service and coordinates student organization fundraising.

Student Senate

All students are members of the Bellin College Student Senate Organization. This organization provides a means for students to organize and actively participate in the decision-making related to student life. There is a nominal fee charged per year, payable each semester from student fees. Fees are often used to support many of the all-College social activities. In addition to elected senate officers, each class elects’ members to serve as senate class representatives.

Wisconsin Omega of Lambda Nu Medical Imaging Honor Society

The Omega Chapter at Large of Lambda Nu is a professional organization that fosters academic scholarship, promotes research in the imaging sciences field and recognizes exemplary scholarship. Honor Society membership is by invitation to medical imaging juniors and seniors with a 3.5 GPA and community leaders in medical imaging.