Student Freedom of Speech

As an educational institution, Bellin College supports the freedom of expression of ideas and, statement, we affirm the worth and dignity of all people and the limitless value of their intellectual potential; the commitment to create a diverse, equitable, and inclusive environment illustrated through the beliefs and actions of our workforce and student body; lifelong learning; innovation; broad vision, effective communication, a sense of the inter-relatedness of all knowledge, sensitivity to the human condition, and a global perspective; the value of a lifelong commitment to service; and the value of ethical leadership that is inclusive, collaborative, directed towards effecting change for the greater good.

The College encourages students to make independent judgments about the worth and validity of ideas and to contest ideas with which they disagree. Any effort by members of the College community to limit openness in this academic community is a matter of serious concern and hinders the freedom of expression and the discovery of truth. All students are, therefore, free to express their points of view on, or opposition to, any issue of public interest within reasonable restrictions of time, place, and manner. To learn more about the Bellin College Student Freedom of Speech Policy, please visit our Policies and Procedures website at