Graduation dates are established as the last day of the semester session or the date of Commencement. Students have three possible graduation dates: May, October, and December.

Undergraduate students who have six or fewer credits to complete at the conclusion of the spring semester may participate in the commencement ceremony, but they are expected to complete those credits the summer immediately following the ceremony.

Bellin College's standard transcripted graduation dates are May, October, and December. Commencement ceremonies are held in May, October (15-Month option only) and December. An August graduation date may be allowed if students have special/extenuating circumstances that require they take summer courses. These cases must be reviewed and approved by the appropriate Dean and Program Director.

An intent to graduate form must be completed by all seniors and graduate students prior to graduation. Upon receipt of the form, the Registrar’s office performs a degree audit to verify that all requirements for graduation have been met. The due date will be communicated, but students must submit this form in the semester prior to their last semester of study. Forms can also be obtained via the website or from the Student Services One Stop Shop office.