Administrative Withdrawal Due to Nonpayment of Tuition and Fees

If a student fails to make payment in full, enroll in a payment plan, or make acceptable payment arrangements with the Bursar to bring the account current by the established due date, the student will be placed on a hold; and access to all records and classes will be blocked for two weeks. If a student fails to meet with the Bursar and make acceptable payment arrangements during this hold period, then the student may be administratively withdrawn from the Bellin College program. 

If a student is administratively withdrawn their tuition and fee charges will be adjusted according to the College’s withdrawal policy. It may also be necessary to adjust or return financial aid if a student is administratively withdrawn. A detailed description of the College’s withdrawal refund policy can be obtained from the Bursar Office or be accessing the Bellin College Guidebook at:

Administrative withdrawal decisions will be made in a fair and equitable manner by a committee of college representatives that will include the Vice President of Business and Finance, Registrar, Bursar, Director of Financial Aid, and other applicable Bellin College personnel.

The student may appeal this decision; however, the appeal must be made within one week (five business days) of the decision. To appeal, the student must contact the Vice President of Business and Finance in writing to request reinstatement. Payment in full or acceptable payment arrangements must be made before the student is allowed to attend Bellin College classes.  Tuition and fee charges will, at this time, be based upon the tuition and fee schedule for semester charges plus the applicable late fee(s) and/or payment plan enrollment fee. Failure to abide by the payment arrangement will result in immediate withdrawal from the College.