Event Management (Incident Reports)

If an incident, which is negative consequence that results in unintended injury, illness, or personal property damage, which may or may not have been preventable, occurs, the following protocol is to be followed.

It is the responsibility of the individual involved, or who discovered the event, to initiate the event management report. They are also responsible to report the event to their direct supervisor/faculty. The supervisor/faculty is to inform the appropriate Dean or Vice President, and/or President of the event.

All programs at Bellin College are required to assist in the event management reporting system. It will be the responsibilities of the President, or designee, to review the event. They will then complete the follow-up and determine if any the quality improvement efforts need to be made. If an injury occurs and there is any medical evaluation or related bills, these will be processed through the injured parties’ own medical/health insurance carrier. Event management Reports are confidential and protected by Wisconsin State Statue and are not to be placed in a medical record or personnel files. In general, printing of events is not allowed.