Emergency Procedures

Bellin College is equipped with emergency phones and call buttons at the Resch location. The emergency phones in the parking lots, identified by their blue lights, call 911 emergency services. There are also emergency call buttons located in the Resch location wellness center. Pressing these buttons will access 911 emergency services immediately.

The College has automated external defibrillators (AEDs) located at the front desks at both campuses.

During an emergency or drill, all students and employees should be prepared to vacate the buildings. Students should familiarize themselves with the Bellin College campus emergency evacuation plans posted throughout the buildings. If the circumstances require an evacuation, gathering points have been established for both locations. For the Resch location it is the Bellin Clinic, 3263 Eaton Road; for the Michael Van Asten location it is the Holiday Inn Express, 1663 Hoffman Road. Students and employees can shelter at these locations if needed.

Students are encouraged to monitor the College website, their student email, and personal cell phone for information in the event of a campus emergency.