Writing Resources – APA Style

The American Psychological Association style (APA) is the common method of documentation. The APA style provides basic guidelines about preparing papers for submission. APA style also uses parenthetical citation within the text to identify source material and uses a reference list at the end of the work to give detailed information about sources cited in the paper.

The APA Publication Manual is the required text utilized by Bellin College. The current edition of this Manual is available in designated College resource areas and the library. Refer to the applicable textbook and supply lists or appropriate course syllabus for classes that may require the APA Manual.

The APA Manual provides examples of reference citations and answers to frequently asked questions. Students are to submit papers using APA style. Paper submission format (electronic, hard copy, single-sided, double-sided) will be at the discretion of the course faculty and will be published in the paper/project guidelines or course syllabi.

Students are encouraged to consult with the faculty for clarifications or seek assistance from the Center for Academic Success, Teaching, and Learning Excellence (CASTLE).