Bellin College requires payment by the established due date each semester. Failure to make payment by the due date will result in the student account being assessed a $25.00 late payment penalty charge per month.

The College offers the following options for payment by semester/term:

  1. Standard Pay Plan: The student shall pay all charges due on their account by the established due date for the semester. The student will incur no late payment penalty if the student pays the entire balance in full when due. If full payment is not made by the due date specified, a late payment penalty will be imposed on the balance due, and the account will be treated as delinquent.
  2. Semester Payment Plan: Payment of each semester’s tuition and fees is made through a contractual agreement with the Bellin College Bursar Office. A per semester non-refundable enrollment fee is applied to the student’s account. Monthly payments not received by the established due date are subject to a late payment penalty. Failure to comply with the terms of the semester payment plan will result in cancellation from the payment plan and the full amount of tuition and fees due.

Payments are due by the date specified on the billing statement unless a payment arrangement has been initiated with the Bursar. Payment due dates are specified in the academic calendar on the College website. Payments may be made via cash, personal check, certified check, or money order. Payments by ACH or credit/debit card are accepted online for an additional fee at:

Bellin College has the right to take steps to collect a student account balance, including but not limited to the following: prohibiting a student from participating in current classes; prohibiting a student from registering for classes for future semesters; withholding course credits, academic transcripts, and diploma until the balance is paid in full; turning over the student account to a collection agency or attorney; and taking legal action to collect the balance due. Students who fail to resolve their balance may be subject to administrative withdrawal from Bellin College.