Minors on Campus

Due to extenuating circumstances, a student may need to bring a minor to class. The student must seek faculty approval prior to coming to class. Minor attendance at lab or clinical are not permitted. The following serves as guidelines:

  • Minors should not be allowed in classrooms unless permission is granted by the faculty member. If a minor becomes disruptive, the faculty member may require the student and minor to leave. The faculty member should discuss minor attendance with the student if it begins to occur frequently.
  • A minor should not be left unattended while the parent or guardian is attending class or conducting any other business or social function on campus.
  • Line of sight supervision of the minor by the parent or guardian is required at all times.
  • Minors are not allowed in high-risk areas.
  • A waiver of liability for minors may be signed as appropriate.

For more information, https://www.bellincollege.edu/campus-life/student-services/policies-and-procedures/minors-on-campus/.