Complaint Process

Bellin College seeks to resolve all concerns in a timely and effective manner. To that end, this complaint process serves as an ongoing means for any individual to discuss concerns or register formal complaints that pertain to alleged violations of State consumer protection laws that include but are not limited to fraud and false advertising; alleged violations of State laws or rules relating to the licensure of postsecondary institutions; and complaints relating to the quality of education or other State or accreditation requirements. Academic Affairs, Student Services, Admissions, Bursar, Registrar, and Financial Aid all provide specific administrative means to address and resolve most, if not all of the questions and concerns someone may have. Bellin College is committed to excellence and strives to create a caring environment. We welcome concerns about our services and programs in order to make quality improvements on our campus. Bellin College designates the Office of Student Affairs as responsible for receiving, investigating, and potentially resolving complaints. For more information on the complaint process, student grievance procedure and appropriate forms, visit: