Bereavement Policy

Bellin College is a close-knit, caring community committed to student success. In the event that a student experiences the death of a loved one during the course of an academic term, the student may request to utilize the Bereavement Policy for Students. Bellin College recognizes the impact that a loss may have on the emotional and academic well-being of a student and wishes to support the student during this stressful time. Bellin College also understands that grief impacts every student differently and, therefore, this policy is not an attempt to quantify the impact of the death of a loved one or in any way address the nature of the grief process. Rather, the purpose of this policy is to provide a formal process to allow grieving students access to bereavement services, as well as the opportunity to be available for their families/loved ones during times of death and grief.

Under this policy, a student will be excused from class for funeral leave, subsequent bereavement, and/or travel considerations. The standard bereavement policy suggests three days of leave, but the actual amount will vary based on the relationship with the deceased, religious, or cultural beliefs, and coursework/clinical hours. A student who wishes to take time off due to the death of a loved one must notify course facilitator(s) and the Program Director of the death to create approved arrangements for coursework or clinical that will be missed. The Program Director will notify the appropriate Dean.